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NSW Fair Trading has warned consumers about dishonest removalist companies after receiving an overwhelming amount of complaints about a large number of issues such as: losing and breaking items, holding storage goods hostage and demanding extra money for services and failing to provide contracts and receipts.

Although many consumers are inclined to research removal companies, many fail to do a thorough check through companies’ reviews.

Companies that use reputable review tools such as Google Reviews aren’t afraid of sharing what customers are saying about their services.

Reviews have the power to influence consumer decisions and strengthens a company’s credibility, simply because it’s a transparent way for companies to prove their claims are truthful.

Posch and Silva Removals

Here are 3 reasons why it’s crucial to check reviews before you make your booking.

  1. Popularity does not equal excellent service: The name might be familiar to you, but that doesn’t mean they offer the best removals service.
  2. Great branding can be an illusion: They might have a great website full of grand statements, but that doesn’t mean they deliver a good service.
  3. Transparency is everything: Many removal companies do not offer price transparency when they provide you with a quote. By checking reviews, you can have a better understanding of their pricing structure and find out if their initial quote accurately reflects the final balance.

If there were a secret checklist to make the right decision when choosing a removalist company, we would say that checking reviews is at the top of the list.

Moving is a stressful process, but some companies prioritise walking the walk rather than talking the talk, and the best way to pick them out is to look through their reviews.

40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three reviews. Don’t settle for that; dig deeper. Check review dates and make sure they are recent.

Posch and Silva Removals

Don’t ignore smaller players in the market as they often offer a more tailored service that many of the larger companies can’t provide. Larger companies work at capacity and take a volume-over-quality approach. You usually pay more for their services as you are paying for the brand name rather than the efficacy of their services.

At Posch & Silva our customer reviews are top-of-mind. We strive to offer the best possible moving experience for all customers. Rather than focusing on booking numbers, we strive for the amount of 5-star reviews we receive.

This approach has helped us to fine-tune our services over the years, ensuring customer satisfaction is always high.

Posch and Silva Removals

There is no guarantee when it comes to service providers – even money-back guarantees should raise suspicions as they usually come attached with a series of T&Cs. The best way you can secure a safe and stress-free move is to hire a company that cares about what you are going to say about their services afterwards.

If you are actively looking for a removal company in Sydney and Canberra, we encourage you to browse through our 5-star Google reviews here and our Facebook reviews here.

We stand by our promise to provide a stress-free home or office move.

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There aren’t many things in life that can be as stressful as a moving day. All of a sudden, your precious belongings are on the hands of strangers and you need to trust that everything will turn up at the other end in one piece. To add to the stress, you are paying removalists an hourly rate and want your move to be done as quickly as possible.

Our team of professionals knows how important it is to move your items safely and in a timely manner, so we asked the team to tell us what you can do to avoid a slow move.

5 Things that can slow down your moving day and how to avoid them.

1. You haven’t packed properly

1. You haven’t packed properly

The most common mistake we see are items that should be in boxes not packed. Loose items can drastically slow down your move. The rule goes that if an item fits in a box, it should be packed in a box.

The only exception is for extremely heavy items as the box might not support its weight.

Different box sizes and low-quality boxes can become a problem also. Two to three box sizes are enough. This helps stacking into the truck to ensure the safe transport of your belongings.

Label your boxes correctly as it helps with sorting the goods into the truck and at the new home.

It’s important you get double layer cardboard boxes (heavy-duty), to prevent boxes being crushed when they are stacked up, as well as preventing box contents from getting damaged. Low-quality boxes will cost a fraction of the price, but it might not withstand the moving process and your contents could be damaged.

Posch & Silva has a range of high-quality packing materials, from moving boxes to bubble wrap at retail cost.

Get in touch to find out more.

2. Lifts

Lifts can be a challenge when moving, especially if you live in a building where only one lift is available.

Where possible, booking a service lift is the best option for your moving day but, if this is not an option, it’s best to allocate a time where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic in the building.

A good solution is to print a sign advising neighbours that the lift is being used for moving and that delays can be expected. Suggest they use the stairs as an alternative. Apologise for the inconvenience and thank them for their patience and their cooperation.

The last obstacle when it comes to lift is its size. If your lift is small, the move will take longer than expected. Remember that big items are difficult to fit into a small space and need extra care, sometimes we are required to use the fire stairs access for the removal of bulky items. You’ll also need more trips which will slow down the process further.

3. Too Many People

They say, ‘Two is company, three is a crowd’. We couldn’t agree more.

Avoid having people over on moving day. Say your goodbyes the day before or let them know that you’ll arrange to meet them after the truck has left.

Booking different services at the same time can slow down the process. Remember to organise any work on the property to be done either before moving day or after the property is empty. Having tradesman at the property during the move can be unsafe but also can slow down the process. But there are exceptions! Cleaners, for example, are welcome to start cleaning rooms as they are emptied out.

The same applies for house inspections. Best to wait until all your things are out of the property.

Keep kids and pets away from movers working areas to avoid any accidents.

4. Parking

4. Parking

We will assess property access in advance to ensure we have the best possible solution. Where there is no private parking with the right clearance height for the truck, the parking options are:

• Shared parking/ driveaway: We recommend kindly asking your neighbours to leave the spot free so movers can park and make moving process a lot quicker.
• If your neighbours are required to move their cars: Talk to your neighbours and arrange a time they can move their cars to an alternative spot, so we don’t get on their way
• Street parking: If we are required to park on the street, we would recommend that you save a parking spot the night before by parking your car on the spot for us. 1 ½ to 2 car spaces are sufficient for our trucks. Alternatively, you can place your wheelie bins with notes with your contact details advising neighbours you are moving the following day so they don’t move these out of the way.

If you have parking, check height restrictions and advise the team during the time of booking so we make the necessary arrangements.

Inform your building manager that removalists will require access stating date and time so there are no issues on the day.

Dismantling & Assembling

5. Dismantling & Assembling

If you are unsure an item needs dismantling, it’s best that you ask the team before taking it apart. Often times, dismantled items can be transported fully assembled. Taking large items apart means more pieces need to be transported. It’s easier to move big items than a large quantity of smaller pieces.

Items that might be unsafe to transport or don’t fit through the door can be dismantled on site as our trucks are fully equipped with tools to quickly dismantle items when necessary.

If you need items assembled at the other end that was not dismantled by us, please bear in mind that this can take time as the team need to figure out how the pieces go together.

The best tip we can give you to ensure your move is performed in a timely manner and stress-free is that you communicate with us as much as possible before the moving date.

The best moving solution is the one tailored for your needs exclusively as no two moves are the same.

Our team at Posch & Silva are always willing to answer any questions and to help you where we can to provide the best moving experience.

professional moving tips | Moving Service | Removal Company | Office Relocation | Storage Facilities | Packing Supplies

Moving is stressful but living in a disorganised home can be a never-ending source of stress.

The best time to organise your home is when you move into a new one, but the overwhelming feeling of unpacking piles of boxes can create an even bigger chaos than you had before.

At Posch & Silva our professional unpackers are trained to store your possessions away to work seamlessly with your daily life.

We asked the team to share their top-secret tips on how to unpack and organise your belongings after you move.

1. Unpack as soon as possible

Unpack as soon as possible

All boxes, apart from boxes labelled to go into storage, should be unpacked as soon as possible.

The easiest way to accomplish this task is to sort your boxes by room, as highlighted in our 5 Hacks That Will Make Moving Easier

Make sure to provide Posch & Silva with instructions of what colour corresponds to each room. (Tip: if you don’t have coloured tape to categorise each box, make sure to give the rooms easy-to-remember names so that removalists know where to place each box).

Tackle one room at a time and have some spare boxes around you to place items to be stored elsewhere. Storage volume will change from house to house and planning how you will store your items ahead of moving will be difficult.

2. Categorise items before storing them

The best-kept secret of an organised home is categorisation.

Nothing beats the feeling of opening a cabinet door to find your things beautifully ordered.

Once all the items in that room have been separated into categories, you can start placing them inside cabinets.

It’s important to remember that some items in the room are decorative. Make sure to leave this category to last. This will give you a clear view of the room and allow you to re-arrange furniture if necessary once all items are stored away.

If you sort your bits and pieces, you’ll spend less time looking for possessions and feel more in control of your household.

3. Invest in storage containers

Big or small, storage containers are a must to create tidiness and easy-to-manage systems within the home.

These don’t need to be of exceptional quality since they will be hidden behind cabinet doors but, when you purchase good-quality containers, these will last you a lifetime and can be repurposed over and over again.

Insider tip: Don’t dispose of containers you are no longer using. Keep these stored in the garage, attic or even under the bed as we can assure you one day they will come in handy.

4. Don’t wait for the recycling collection, do a drop-off instead

Chances are, there is a recycling center near you to drop off all the recycled rubbish you’ve accumulated over the move.

Oftentimes it takes several recycling collections before you get rid of all your cardboard, paper and plastic.

Keep all the rubbish in one spot, already separated and bundled, search for the nearest recycling facility and drop it off all in one go.

Also check with removalists if they buy back boxes or re-use them. If you have arranged your packing materials through the removalist company, it’s likely they’ll take boxes back.

5. De-clutter as you unpack

Perhaps you have already de-cluttered before packing, however, we guarantee you packed things you don’t need.

When you walk into your new home, you are full of positive feelings, you want to start afresh.

An item that looked great in your old house, might not look as good in your new one. You’ll find this happens a lot with decorative pieces.

Make sure to have a pile of items you want to drop off at your nearest charity shop. The goal is not to dispose of perfectly good things, but to pass it on for someone else to love it.

Moving is exciting but also stressful. Most of us are looking-forward to a new start when moving homes. It’s important to start right, with a fresh system that can improve the way you live.

The goal is to spend your precious time enjoying your new life, not stressing about your things.

An organized home is a happy home

An organized home is a happy home.

How to prepare for downsizing your home | Moving Service | Removal Company | Office Relocation | Storage Facilities | Packing Supplies

You’ve been living in a large home since you can remember, the kids have grown up and rooms are sitting unused, gathering dust. Sounds like you?

At some point in your life, we all desire to live a simpler life, with less cleaning and maintenance involved so we can spend our time doing the things we love doing. Or you moved cities and house prices are higher where you are going and you cannot afford to buy a property as big as the one you currently live in.

That happened to me when moving from New Zealand to Australia. House prices meant we had to downsize from a 3 bedroom house with a large garage to a small 2 bedroom apartment in Sydney’s East Suburbs.

Moving is already stressful, downsizing is even more exhausting, that’s why Posch & Silva has created this quick and easy list based on feedback from hundreds of customers that have been through this process.

How to Prepare for Downsizing Your Home


1. Remember the ‘why’

You are going through this process for a reason, it might be because your bedrooms are unused most of the time or the house feels too big now the kids have moved out. Whatever the reason for downsizing, ensure to remain focused on why you are moving. It will make it easier to dispose of items you don’t need anymore and break that emotional attachment with clutter that will probably not fit in your new place.

2. Minimize duplicate items

You’ll be amazed on how many duplicate items you’ll find when packing to move. Your new smaller home will probably not have room to accommodate double ups. The packing process is perfect for disposing of these duplicates.

Your kitchen utensils drawer is bound to have two of something. Remember that you don’t need two potato mashers or two sets of measuring cups that do the same job. Keep the one you like the most and donate the unwanted item.

Wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, tool sheds, etc are known for duplicates that will just take up space and make your new space feel cluttered.

3. Consider the size of closets and cabinets as much as the size of the rooms

3. Consider the size of closets and cabinets as much as the size of the rooms

One common mistake is to consider room sizes and forget closet and cabinet spaces.

If you are downsizing from a 4-door to a 3-door wardrobe, you’ll need to sort through your current wardrobe’s contents to ensure all the items you want to keep will fit at the other end.

Make notes of how much hanging space and how many drawers and shelves there are in the new wardrobe, then assess contents and plan ahead how you’ll organize it within the space you have. You might need to store items you are not wearing this season but don’t forget that a storage plan will be required also.

4. Think about how you use your current space

Assess how you use your current space and draw a plan of how you can make your smaller space work based on your needs.

When I moved to the 2-bedroom unit It was important to have a home office as I work remotely but I could not dedicate an entire room to be used only for that purpose because a guest bedroom was also a necessity. The solution was to create an office/ guest bedroom space that could function for both of my needs and replace the guest bed with a sofa bed. Not only did the space feel like an office, it also provided extra sitting space for conducting meetings.

5. Work out your non-negotiables

Think about elements of your daily life that are absolutely essential. Before choosing your next home, make sure you have a list of things and spaces you need to perform your core daily functions.

If you do several loads of washing a week, a space for a washer and dryer is a must and not having this facility might truly impact on your happiness.

I never understood the necessity of a linen cabinet until I had to live several years without one. Even though this seemed like a small issue for some people, it was a constant frustration for me.

6. Start de-cluttering now

De-cluttering is a process. It takes time (a lot of time!) and effort.

Don’t leave it to the last minute as you are likely to keep items you don’t really need that might have to be disposed of at the other end.

Take your time and go through every room slowly and don’t forget to sort through the garage, shed and storage spaces.

You might find few treasures that have the potential to make you some money. Social media channels such as Facebook, provide great tools to help you get rid of your unwanted items and in the end, you might be able to cover a chunk of the cost of moving with the money you make from these items.

7. Do not rule out a separate storage

7. Do not rule out a separate storage

If there isn’t enough space for things you want to keep, don’t be afraid to put them in storage until you know how you feel in the new space.

Downsizing is an emotional process and making decisions on what to keep, throw or sell can be quite stressful.

If you feel overwhelmed and require more time to think through throwing or keeping an item, storage is a great cost-effective option. Storage facilities often allow you to access your items easily but remember that if an item has been in storage for too long, you might not need it after all. Give yourself a timeframe to determine if it’s worth keeping those items.

Change is never easy. Downsizing is tiring but it doesn’t need to be tough. Once you move into your new place and start living the simpler life it will all be worth it.

5 hacks that will make moving easier | Moving Service | Removal Company | Office Relocation | Storage Facilities | Packing Supplies

Moving into a new place is full of excitement but it can also be a daunting task unless you are like me and have moved so many times you have become a moving pro.

That’s a big statement, but I have a very impressive track record: Moved countries 4 times, and in the past 10 years alone I’ve moved houses 4 times also. That’s not counting the number of times I moved when I was flatting with other people, that was a piece of cake when comparing to moving a full house.

As scary as moving is, it’s something we all have to do at least once in our lives, so I’ll share my moving hacks with you so this mammoth task feel like a breeze.

5 Hacks that will make moving easier

5 Hacks that will make moving easier

1. Call the removalists as soon as you know you’re moving

One of the scariest aspects of moving is the cost. To put your mind at ease, speak to the professionals as early as possible and request a quote.

Beware of fast quotes online, as the price can easily escalate if you have a lot more stuff then the removalists anticipated.

Having a professional properly assess the move, will save you money and ensure the process is stress-free.

2. Don’t pack items you won’t be keeping

One of the most important tasks to complete before you move is to go through every drawer, cabinet, wardrobe, storage boxes and units so you don’t waste time and money packing what you don’t need.

By accomplishing this before you start packing, you’ll also have a much easier task at the new place when unpacking.

You can also make some money by selling all your unwanted items online or by holding a garage sale. I also like to hold a charity hour where I put all the goods in one room and message my friends and family to come and “shop” for an hour. As they say, “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.

3. Use professional packers when you can

Packing can be a huge task and I find that when I pack the beginning of the process is enjoyable; I make notes on the boxes of its contents, I organize items nicely in the box and even wrap fragile items properly.

Two hours in I start to get frustrated and the care goes out the window.

Boxes go unlabeled, and at the end of the process everything gets shoved into the boxes with zero care.

Professional packers have systems in place that makes packing faster and safer. They clearly label boxes and pack thinking about unpacking at the other end. It might cost you a little extra, but it’s worth it especially if you’re time poor.

4. Padding space fillers with soft items

If you decide to save some money and pack the house yourself, there is one hack I swear by for keeping your items extra safe.

Place stuffed animals, pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, and any other soft items inside the boxes next to fragile items. It helps fill up empty spaces so your belongs won’t shift around during the move.

5. Colour code with tape

5. Colour code with tape

Writing the contents of boxes is a good start but if you want to make unpacking super easy, get coloured tape and use it to identify which room boxes belong to.

Let removalists know to keep colours together so they place boxes in the right room at the new place. Amazon has a great colourful masking tape set for $14.90. Just ensure you use good quality packing tape to shut boxes.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when moving but by being prepared you eliminate all the elements that will cause your anxiety levels to rise when the moving date creeps in.

Using a reliable and experienced moving company is one of the most important parts of the process. It will give you peace of mind and ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Author: Graziela Oborn, “professional” mover